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Scott Young – a.k.a “Luca Brasi” – “The Enforcer” is high on Helix Safety Scott Young, and for good reason. Scott ended last season at 5-11, 173 lbs. And was arguably the BEST safety in the county as a junior. In the off-season he trained with Alex Johnson, from AJ’s Sport and fitness and put on near 20lbs of muscle. When he weighed in last week Scott was at 193lbs. has Scott listed as the #5 ranked recruit in the state of CA, the #9 ranked player in the WEST and the #55 ranked at his position in the country. With college offers already from Arizona, Wazzu, San Jose State, Hawaii, Nevada, SDSU,  and Army to name a few. He is on the board of a lot of colleges in the nation.

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When you add his football IQ, his speed, his mental toughness, Scott is strait nasty. Recently he was working out with receivers, playing as a corner, and was throwing varsity players to the ground on the get off. He is extremely physical, the most physical secondary player I’ve seen come out of San Diego in nearly 20 years.

Scott Young, a.k.a Luca Brasi on twitter, a reference to the Godfathers “ENFORCER” character portrayed by Lenny Montana, looms the secondary for Helix HS. Last season he was a 2 way starter, playing both Safety and WR. He caught 32 passes for 392 yards at WR, and had 34 solo tackles with 2 PICKS.

There is no doubt Scott Young will be playing on Saturdays in the future. Scott’s got swag, style, charisma, leadership, physicality, and he’s smart. He is one of the most dangerous players on the field. Whether and offensive or defensive coach playing against him, one thing is for sure, yo better have one coach with eyes on him at all times. Because Scott is a game changing player on both sides of the ball. If you make a mistake, he will make you pay for it.