Hastings College wins Opener – A trio of San Diego players are the difference.


Hastings College wins 2016 opener with a route of Bethany College 42-3. With a swarming

Anthony Martinez - WR - Oceanside HS
Anthony Martinez – WR – Oceanside HS

defense Hastings and Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator showed the GPAC what the 2016 Broncos defense will look like this year. Fearsome and ferocious. The D-line was in the Bethany backfield all day, and the Swedes could never get any offense going.

The difference make came up in the game with Christian High Graduate, Adrian Petty

Adrian Petty - RB/KR
Adrian Petty – RB/KR

scoring on 2 consecutive drives in his first collegiate game. Petty looked like the back we used to see slashing away on the perimeter of opposing defenses. He’s back. Petty, looked strong and ran hard. Even with Cruz Samaniego suspended for internal disciplinary reasons, the offense didn’t miss a beat. Steele Canyon WR, Jordan Johnson, now a Sophomore at Hastings took the lead as the #1 WR. Scoring on two drives, Johnson showed the GPAC why he was heavily recruited by Hastings last season. He is expected to contribute a lot during the 2016 campaign. Another San Diego player, Anthony Martinez, Oceanside HS added a block punt in in the first quarter to help secure the win for the Broncos.

The 2016 Broncos will run and gun all year, they are sure to give teams fits on both sides of the ball, and San Diego players are crucial to this mix. With 4 starters from San Diego on

Jordan Johnson - WR - Steele Canyon HS
Jordan Johnson – WR – Steele Canyon HS

both offense and defense our CaliBoyz are showing the rest of the country what we all already know…WE CAN BALL.

Congrats out to our athletes, MBA Sports is proud to have helped you achieve your dreams of playing college football, and earning your degree….