College News: Rashad Ridley Engineering SD Mines to wins


Rashad Ridley is 5’6 -156 WR/RB from San Diego High School. Coaches and critics have been telling him all his life he is too small. Well Rashad has found what may seem like an unlikely home. Rashad is one of the star senior players of South Dakota – School of the Mines ( Engineering School). SD Mines are 2-1 and preparing for a showdown with Black Hills St (9/24/16). Rashad Ridley’s play will make a huge difference and impact on SD Mines success. Rashad is averaging 90 all purpose yards per game. He also has 2 Touchdowns and a blocked kick.  Rashad is not only winning on the field and he is winning in the classroom. His major is Interdisciplinary Sciences and is on track to graduate.

If SD Mines wins this week they will be off to there best record they have had in several years. It great to see one of San Diego High School Cavers changing the face of a football program like he did in High School.