Head coach Tyler Hale had these boys ready. 4yr starter Braxton “The General”  Burmeister looked as posted as ever. Braxton looked like he was playing backyard football. Big game players show up in big games. Burmeister leads California in offensive production. Not a small order for the Arizona commit.

With big contributions from SR’s Brennan Goring (C)Casey Marinucci the Torreys showed impressive stature on both sides of the ball. The game was wishing striking distance for the Arroyo Knights until the 4th QTR, when the Torreys pulled away and sealed the victory.

The younger guys showed up as well, the Torreys got BIG contributions from sophomores’ Caleb Petry and Jaden Dir and freshman Anthony Bland and the game sealing sack by EJ Kreutzman.

The Torreys will get a home game on Sat December 17, 2016 at 6pm against McClymonds (Oakland)

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